About World Tree

World Tree is a creative partnership based in Reepham, Norfolk, UK, which was established in January 2006. Its work embraces heritage interpretation, web design, publishing services, archaeological and historical walks, lectures and consultancy, art practice and tuition. Its two members are wife and husband Imogen and Trevor Ashwin.
ImogenImogen Ashwin (MA Fine Art, 2002) is an artist, with wide-ranging experience both as practitioner and teacher. She is also a researcher with a long-standing interest in prehistory, folklore and the natural world.

TrevorTrevor Ashwin (BA Hons Archaeology & History, 1984) is an editor, illustrator, graphic designer and web designer whose principal concerns are archaeology, history and development studies. After many years working as a field and research archaeologist, in several parts of the country, he has freelanced in publishing, graphic design and archaeology since 2002.

Imogen and Trevor have established World Tree as an 'umbrella' organisation, within which they can pursue their many creative interests and ambitions. World Tree draws upon their shared expertise, training and enthusiasm to offer services in three key areas.

  • History and archaeology. Teaching, lecturing and outreach activities; interpretation and display projects; publications and post-excavation consultancy; research and writing.
  • Publishing and websites. A comprehensive range of publishing services for print publication and for the web.
  • Art and performance. Fine art practice, embracing installation, photography, video and performance. Tuition, in schools/colleges and in adult education. Commissions.

To find out more about our practice and the services we offer please click here, or look at our CVs (links below).