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Party at South Creake Iron Age fort

The Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society visiting the Iron Age fort at South Creake, North Norfolk.

If you would like an individual walk or tour on an archaeological or landscape-based theme for your group or party we would be very happy to speak to you. Between us, we have now been leading guided walks for well over twenty years! Locations we have explored in Norfolk have included:

  • Binham Priory
  • Brampton Roman town (near Aylsham) and Burgh-next-Aylsham
  • Burgh Castle Roman fort
  • Caistor St Edmund Roman town
  • Godwick deserted medieval village
  • Great Witchingham prehistoric sites
  • Kelling Heath stone age sites
  • Reepham, Salle and Whitwell
  • Salthouse Heath prehistoric barrow cemetery
  • South Creake Iron Age fort
  • Walsingham
  • Warham Iron Age fort
  • Weasenham Lyngs prehistoric barrows
  • West Rudham Neolithic long barrow

We would also be happy to discuss your requirements if you would like us to devise a performance/sensory walk for a small group, perhaps as part of a celebration or special occasion.

Nearly all of the activities listed on this website take place in Norfolk … but our interest is not confined to the county. We have a deep fascination with the landscape and heritage of several other parts of Britain, including Cornwall and Dartmoor, the Welsh borders and mid-Wales, and East Yorkshire. In September 2013 we led a residential tour in the latter area for the Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society, visiting sites of all ages from a base near Scarborough.

If you have an idea for an activity or excursion of any kind, then please contact us.


Prehistoric burial remains found on the line of the Norwich Southern Bypass

Prehistoric burial remains found on the line of the Norwich Southern Bypass

World Tree are experienced speakers and are happy to present to large or small groups. Both members of World Tree are available to speak on a variety of subjects. Talks we have given in the past have included:

  • Magic and Witchcraft in Breckland
  • Finding Norfolk’s First Farmers
  • Warham Camp and Norfolk’s Iron Age forts
  • Understanding prehistoric Norfolk: ‘A Matter of Life and Death’?
  • Hearth and Home in Prehistoric Norfolk
  • The Arminghall Henge and the Prehistory of Norwich
  • The West Rudham Long Barrow
  • Grimes’ Graves
  • Land of Faunus? Tracking the Horned God of Norfolk [in preparation]

We are always happy to discuss your needs if you would like one of us to speak on a particular subject in our areas of interest. Please get in touch if you have an idea, either for something new or for a variation on one of our existing lectures. Our usual fee is £50, plus travel expenses if our journey to you would be more than a few miles.

We can also devise day-schools and workshops if requested. Please contact us to learn more.