Guided walks, events and performance by Imogen and Trevor Ashwin

Based in Norfolk, we love archaeology and history, landscape and folklore, and we love sharing our interests with other people. Imogen’s background is as an artist while Trevor worked for many years as a field archaeologist. Over the years these distinctions have blurred and we both work in each other’s specialist areas.

Drawing on many years’ landscape research, we try to imagine what ancient people standing in our footsteps might have seen, and to evoke ‘the life of the past’ as best we can.

potsherd from Red Pits, Wood DallingLandscape reveals itself in different ways and on different scales. Sometimes when we are walking we will look at a tiny object found in a field, or at an unusual detail on a building. Sometimes we will look up at the sky and the horizon, and try to imagine smoke from ancient hearth fires in the distance.

oak tree at Wrench Hill, East BeckhamInterpreting any landscape is a challenge. There are no ‘right answers’ to many of its mysteries and often there are things we don’t understand. Walking and talking together, we can share the questions and consider how they might one day be answered.

  • medieval bishop at Guestwick churchThe events diary on this website lists our programme of scheduled events, including guided walks, performance events and talks, along with information about availability and booking.
  • We also welcome enquiries from individuals, organisations or groups about bespoke events. If you would like to discuss a walk, lecture, workshop or other special event, please contact us.

World TreeImogen and Trevor work together as the World Tree creative partnership. Our work spans editing and graphic design, web development, heritage interpretation and consultancy, as well as our individual practices as artists.